STROLL Reception

Performing at the closing reception for STROLL, an interactive installation along hiking paths in Santa Clarita.

// 12:00 pm
CalArts, C108

Beyond Baroque, Beyond Music with Mark Trayle

Performing at Beyond Baroque with Mark Trayle, et al.

From the Beyond Baroque website: CalArts’ electronic guru, MARK TRAYLE performs solo and with an ensemble, recreating the famous electronic HUB network, which grew out of The League of Automatic Music Composers.

Special Admission: General $20, Students & Seniors $10, Members $5.

// 9:00 pm
Beyond Baroque, Venice, CA

Highland Park Sleep Concert

Performing in a sleep concert this weekend with a large metal (muted) sheet and my voice. Above is a preview of what you’ll be falling asleep to. Overall, an evening of quiet, extended music suitable for sleeping to.

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// 9:00 pm
Highland Park, Los Angeles