Gaukurinn Show

Synthesizer appearance in Reykjavik! To be joined by Liam Mooney, and local group, The Sad Owl Brothers.

// 9:00 pm
Guakurinn, Reykjavik, Iceland

CSUF Festival

The CSUF Festival and the World Electro-Acoustic Listening Room (WEALR) present an EcoSono Biomes concert in six parts. Coast II will be presented in the Marine portion of the program.

// 10:00 am
CSU Fullerton's Department of Music Recital Hall, Fullerton, CA

Song A Day Concert

Joining over a dozen songwriters performing their favorite songs they wrote this past month on

// 8:00 pm
Orchard House, Highland Park, Los Angeles

Winterfest Opening Party

Collaborative effort to provide sonic entertainment for the opening party of The Arts District’s Winterfest. Most likely involving mechanical crickets.

// 7:00 pm
Angel City Brewery, Los Angeles, CA

Dog Star 9: Moon Canyon

Performing Crickets in Moon Canyon, Mount Washington. Part of the annual Dog Star Orchestra concert series. Concert curated by Archie Carey.

// 7:00 pm
Moon Canyon, Mt Washington, Los Angeles, CA

Sensors and Movement Workshop @ Disney

Co-teaching Electronics Workshop: Sensors – Bodies Creating Sounds with choreographer Natalie Metzger at Disney’s Creative Academy. Work at Disney? Sign up for our workshop! Thursday evenings through June 20.

- Jun 20, 2013 // 5:00 pm
Disney Consumer Products Division

Improvised Sound Ping Pong Tournament

Honor your mothers by attending an event that combines a ping pong tournament with improvised sound. Each player will be teamed up with a musician who will be using direct output generated from gameplay, and as the tournament progresses, improvised duets will arise. Participating musicians include Casey Anderson, Raphael Arar, Clay Chaplin, Phil Curtis, Wyatt Penn Keusch, Dan Letourneau, Stephanie Smith and Mark Trayle.

// 2:00 pm
Machine Project, Los Angeles, CA
Event link

STROLL Reception

Performing at the closing reception for STROLL, an interactive installation along hiking paths in Santa Clarita.

// 12:00 pm
CalArts, C108

Beyond Baroque, Beyond Music with Mark Trayle

Performing at Beyond Baroque with Mark Trayle, et al.

From the Beyond Baroque website: CalArts’ electronic guru, MARK TRAYLE performs solo and with an ensemble, recreating the famous electronic HUB network, which grew out of The League of Automatic Music Composers.

Special Admission: General $20, Students & Seniors $10, Members $5.

// 9:00 pm
Beyond Baroque, Venice, CA

Highland Park Sleep Concert

Performing in a sleep concert this weekend with a large metal (muted) sheet and my voice. Above is a preview of what you’ll be falling asleep to. Overall, an evening of quiet, extended music suitable for sleeping to.

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// 9:00 pm
Highland Park, Los Angeles