A Round The Sun

Alex Wand has released his seasonal album A Round The Sun: a collection of rounds and songs about nature and the cosmos, released piecemeal on the solstices and equinoxes of one solar year. I helped Alex with the development of the A Round The Sun website: a-round-the-sun.com. The beautiful design was created by Stephanie Layton, and the music, mixed by Brian Saia, is a delight. Take a listen to the Vernal Equinox portion: Vernal Equinox | A Round The Sun

Interviewed on Composers at Play

From the Composers at Play website:
Following the (pre-)release of her first physical album, “Night Travels,” Stephanie Smith reveals how these tracks came together, starting from Bach chorales arranged on a Dark Energy Synth and then dipping into her musical mainstays of violin and voice. We touch on the role of boredom in the creative process and what it’s like to switch gears between improvisational work, composition, and sound art/installation, the latter offering an introduction to her “Little Shits.” All in all, a wonderful glimpse into the workings of an eclectic and unique musical voice.

Listen to the podcast

My /body (moves) (Steve Rusch mix)

Steve Rusch did a remix of My /body (moves). Take a listen!

Current Projects

by Jisoo Kim

Busy moving. More Stephie’s Castle tracks soon. In the meantime, I’m very excited to be working with animator Jisoo Kim on an underwater-themed work that will be completed this spring.

Also very excited to be working with choreographer Rachel Boyajian on a new dance piece that will premiere this November at Wichita State University, Kansas. More details soon!

Premiere: When On The Shore

Several months in the making, I’m excited to announce that When On The Shore will finally premiere at CalArts this Thursday and Friday in the Black & White Gallery. I hope to see you there!