People Inside Electronics: bitpanic

Consisting of members Casey Anderson, Scott Cazan, Clay Chaplin, David Paha, and Stephanie Smith, Bitpanic is a computer music collective based in Los Angeles that explores networked compositional systems, experimental sound practices, and improvisation. The group follows and extends the computer music lineage pioneered by The Hub, with current members who are former students and colleagues of The Hub co-founder Mark Trayle.

The program also includes pianist Aron Kallay, percussionist Yuri Inoo, and bassist Scott Worthington performing new works by Caroline Louise Miller and Isaac Schankler.

The Deep State – Schankler/Worthington (2017)
Scott Worthington, bass
Isaac Schankler, electronics

Elliptic – Caroline Louise Miller (2012)
Aron Kallay, piano
Yuri Inoo, percussion

Pins and Splits – Mark Trayle (2004)
Improvisation – Bitpanic (2017)
Bitpanic, electronics


Interview with Scott Cazan on bitpanic

// 8pm
Boston Court, Pasadena, CA
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