WaveCave Gallery Opening Reception and Concert

This Friday, October 3rd at 7pm, the new WaveCave Sound Gallery at CalArts will open with an installation by Mark Trayle titled Zephyrs. There will be a reception outside the WaveCave in the ROD lobby at 7pm followed at 8pm by an amazing concert of new works by ESP alumni.

Casey Anderson, (2010), field recordings & noise
Cooper Baker, (2006), on the Noctiluca Scintillans (recent resident of the WaveCave)
Ezra Buchla, (2004), will play viola & electronics
Scott Cazan, (2009), otoacoustic emissions and binary calculations
Dan Eaton, (2011), just intoned trombones and electronics
Todd Lerew, (2014), snare with rice, a mic’d ballon underwater
Stephanie Smith, (2011), electronics and violin

Please join us Friday at 7:00pm for the grand Wavecave Opening and ESP Alumni Concert!

// 8:00 pm
ROD, CalArts
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