Installation for attic crawl-space.

Campfire is a focus study installation inspired by a current work in progress, Lucent Lunar. The audience is confronted with the initial struggle of entering the attic space, but rewarded with an intimate setting, a hearth, where a gathering can engage in conversation with each other or with the object itself.

Mimicking the atmosphere of a campfire, two continuously chirping “crickets” are inconspicuously placed in the space. The disruptive vibration motors in the “fire” randomly enter and exit the sonic field, either disrupting or contributing to the dialogue surrounding the campfire.


Campfire Photo Gallery


February 13, 2011
Installed as part of the Inaugural FebruarFest in ValVerde, CA


  • Arduino mini
  • 6 vibration motors
  • polarization filters
  • plastic cups
  • large metal dish