Coast II

Composed on-board the MV Explorer from field recordings collected during my EcoSono Institute residency.

Program Notes

Coasting along boundaries. Creating and maintaining balance between structurally and organically connected, yet competing, systems. This piece begins with the creaks and groans of a ship. The processing and layering of these sounds transforms them into the sharp crackles of the coral reef off the coast of Barbados. The reef’s delicate voice is then slowly overtaken by the rumbling cosmos of our own cruise liner, the MV Explorer. The premiere of this piece took place onboard the MV Explorer, allowing the final section of the piece to fade into the physically present rumbles of the ship.

The structure of this piece was developed from the same ChucK program written for Coast I.

Equipment Used

  • Aquarian H2a Hydrophone
  • Contact Microphone
  • Zoom H4n

Field Locations

  • Creaking boat: Catamaran, off the coast of Dominica
  • Coral reef: Barbados
  • Cruise liner: MV Explorer, Caribbean Sea


Featured on Concertzender: STEIM Radio, December 2011

Oceans/Elements Concert, June 8, 2010
Main Lounge, MV Explorer, Caribbean Sea