Night Travels Limited Edition Cassette

I am pleased to announce that Night Travels, my first physical release, is now available as a limited edition cassette through khalija records. Stream or purchase online via khalija’s bandcamp page. As described by Justin Asher: interstellar synth and sound sculpture music perfect for after-sunset road trips in a car that still has a tape deck.


Released 06 November 2014

Performed and recorded by Stephanie Cheng Smith
Mixed by Brian Saia
Mastered by Justin Asher
Cover design by

“Gott lebet noch”
“Befiehl du deine Wege”
“Kommt her zu mir, spricht Gottes Sohn”
by J.S. Bach, arranged by Stephanie Cheng Smith

Interview on Composers at Play

I spoke with Composers at Play about my creative process, particularly in regard to creating Night Travels:

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