An improvisational dance piece using wireless controls to manipulate sound in real-time.

Choreography/improvisation by Rachel Boyajian. Music/programming by Stephanie Smith. Created with OSCulator, wireless accelerometers, Max/MSP, and sound samples from prepared Tibetan singing bowls.


Informal Showing, December 11, 2009
Sound / Electronics / Programming: Stephanie Smith, Dave Williams
Choreography / Improvisation: Rachel Boyajian, Natalie Metzger,

Tech Notes

Built using wireless accelerometers, OSCulator, Max/MSP, custom circuitry, and sound samples of prepared Tibetan singing bowls.

Two sets of controllers are being used in this performance: individual remotes (given to each mobile dancer) that trigger each event, and a single ball controller (given to the dancer on the floor in the center) that controls timbre and the progression of the piece.

Initial Demonstration / Workshop