Stellar Remnants to Premiere at the Laguna Beach Music Festival

Stellar Remnants will be premiered by cellist Johannes Moser at the Laguna Beach Music Festival this February. The piece, composed by Ellen Reid, features a custom-made performance interface which I designed, built and programmed for the piece. I also created Stellar Remnants‘s installation component which will be on view prior to the performance. The installation features hanging steel plates that respond to movements surrounding the structure.

// 8pm
Laguna Playhouse, Laguna Beach, CA
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Small Talk

“Little Shits” performing Small Talk. Each hanging device constantly decides between three things: to sustain, to be silent, or to join the pattern. The end result is a continuously transforming conversation. Please enjoy during the day and night.

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- Nov 08, 2014
WaveCave, CalArts

Space Elevator Voyage

Cinematic music for a sci-fi theater piece.

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