Solarc Pilot Series: Batch 4

Solarc Pilot Series Banner

Solarc Brewing’s Experimental Pilot Batch brews paired with the music of Stephanie Smith who will be presenting a similarly experimental batch of motor and LED arrays. Spatial lighting design by Liam Mooney.

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// 7 - 10pm
MorYork (4959 York Blvd, Los Angeles)

Small Talk

Full view with overhead light

“Little Shits” performing Small Talk. Each hanging device constantly decides between three things: to sustain, to be silent, or to join the pattern. The end result is a continuously transforming conversation. Please enjoy during the day and night.

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- Nov 08, 2014
WaveCave, CalArts

Space Elevator Voyage

Cinematic music for a sci-fi theater piece.

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