Stephanie Cheng Smith at Human Resources

Premiering a new piece which is a  sound installation paired with a live performance–all coupled with Anja Weiser Flower’s current exhibition at Human Resources: Cosm, Organization-Construction, Second Instance. I will be performing within the installation on Wednesday night. You can find more info on VOLUME’s website (curators/producers of the event), facebook, and eventbrite.

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// 8pm
Human Resources LA, 410 Cottage Home St, Los Angeles, CA 90012
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Stellar Remnants | Pulsing featured in the Hear Now Music Festival

Excited to have Stellar Remnants / Pulsing, a collaboration with Ellen Reid, as part of the Hear Now Music Festival. Stellar Remnants will be performed on April 27 at Throop Hall in Pasadena. Pulsing will be installed at Throop Hall and also at the First Lutheran Church of Venice on April 28-29. More information and tickets on the Hear Now website.

- Apr 29, 2018
Multiple locations
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Small Talk

“Little Shits” performing Small Talk. Each hanging device constantly decides between three things: to sustain, to be silent, or to join the pattern. The end result is a continuously transforming conversation. Please enjoy during the day and night.

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- Nov 08, 2014
WaveCave, CalArts

Space Elevator Voyage

Cinematic music for a sci-fi theater piece.

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