Available digitally and on compact disc

Released on A Wave Press, March 1, 2021

Bird (18:34)

For b-z-bowls, an instrument of suspended, vibrating plastic bowls that are filled with and muted by various objects (i.e. bells, balls, beads, clips, and cups)

Built, composed, and performed April 2019 in Los Angeles, CA by Stephanie Cheng Smith Recorded August 2019 in Monrovia, CA by Brian Saia

Mixed by Stephanie Cheng Smith and Brian Saia

Fish (21:01)

For violin, dark energy synthesizer, and laptop Composed originally as HRAWF and performed April 2018 within Anja Weiser Flower’s Cosm, Organization-Construction, Second Instance at Human Resources Los Angeles.

Recorded May 2018 The Island of Misfit Toys 39, La Cita Bar, Los Angeles, CA

Edited and mixed November 2018 by Stephanie Cheng Smith

Mastered July/August 2020 in Stockholm, SE by Scott Cazan

Design by Steven Ziadie. Full cover design can be viewed on Bandcamp.


Just Outside (Brian Olewnick)

"Excellent work from a musician new to me, Stephanie Cheng Smith, 'Forms', on a wave press. Two pieces, very different from one another. 'Bird', multiple layers of grainy wash, generated from "suspended, vibrating plastic bowls that are filled with and muted by various objects (i.e. bells, balls, beads, clips, and cups)". 'Fish', swirling, delicate violin traces over pulsating electronics that gradually grow more vociferous and globular, then dissolves into shards, morphing into a strangely rubbery and frantic violin/synth mix. Good, tough work."
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Noise Not Music (Jack Davidson)

"With Forms, LA-based sound artist Stephanie Cheng Smith accomplishes that rare feat of a distinctively halved LP-length set in which each of the halves are markedly different but pull equal weight in terms of intrigue, quality, and overall structure..."
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Vikings Choice (Lars Gotrich)

"Harsh noise bowls (plastic ones filled with balls and clothes pins; not the kind you put your weed in) on one side, screeching violin and synth damage on the flip."
Viking's Choice Guide To Bandcamp Friday (March 2021)

Rutger Zuydervelt (@machinefabriek)

"Two fantastic 20-minute pieces: one with vibrating and buzzing things in bowls, the other with violin and synth. The first track is incredibly immersive, the second one starts gently and becomes."
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The Best Experimental Music on Bandcamp: March 2021 (Marc Masters)

"The two side-long pieces on L.A.-based musician Stephanie Cheng Smith’s latest album Forms are called “Bird” and “Fish,” and they are certainly members of different species. [...] Smith achieves her two peaks from different angles, bending sounds towards her vision."
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