Works composed for specific performances, events, or films.


Available digitally and on compact disc


Live Score

Live score composed and performed for Hollis Frampton's 'Palindrome' (1969)

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Sound House: Strand

Interactive Performance with Modular Sound System

Composed for the 8 channel modular sound system of Sound House, a collaborative project by Janie Geiser, John Eagle & Cassia Streb

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Interactive Performance / Installation

Performance/installation originally created in conjunction with Anja Weiser Flower’s work “Cosm, Organization-Construction, Second Instance.” Revised October 2018

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Wedding Music: Christopher Roeleveld and Lisa Smith

Chamber Music Suite

I was honored to write the music for this special moment between Christopher Roeleveld, Lisa Smith and our families.

Gull Island

Field recording piece

A piece for field recordings collected from Gull Island, Alaska; Roseau, Dominica; and Houston, Texas—accompanied by a dark energy synthesizer.

Tone Glow Set

Performed on Oct 2, 2021

Improvisation with dark energy synthesizer, OP-1, and Jitter.

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MCA Chicago Plaza Project

Music for video

A version of my song, Xin Nian Dao, was used in promotional materials for MCA Chicago's Plaza Project: Yinka Shonibare MBE.

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Ritual Kitchen & Fanfare

Music for Toys and Household Objects

Hand-drawn scores for pieces involving toys and household objects. Fanfare was performed as part of Dog Star Orchestra 10

The Bristlecone's Fate

Music for video

Composed the music for KPCC/Audiovision's third episode, The Bristlecone's Fate.

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The Whale Warehouse

Music for video

Designed some sound and created the aura of the ultimate warehouse for KPCC's Audiovision. Now a Staff Pick on Vimeo!

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Video and score

A video and sound piece that was exhibited from May through December 2013 at the Centre for the Living Arts in Mobile, AL.

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Space Elevator Voyage

Music for Theater

Space Elevator Voyage is a theater piece written and directed by Alex Gaines and Miriam Jones. Music composed by Stephanie Cheng Smith. Premiered at CalArts April 2012.

The Transit Time of Stars

Music for Dance

Composed for choreography by Rachel Boyajian.

Coast II

ChucK-generated Field Recording Piece

Composed on-board the MV Explorer from field recordings collected during my EcoSono Institute residency.