Interactive Objects and Site-Specific Installations

Many of these installations are paired with performances or have been re-purposed as instruments.

Life Cycles

A sound installation inspired by the periodic life cycles of cicadas.

Eighty-four cicada apparati separated into seven broods, installed long term as an accelerated representation of overlapping periodical life cycles of different broods and species of cicadas.

Bell Controller

Motor-Control Instrument

A motor control interface for 15 vibration motors and LEDs attached to jingle bells. Used for installations and live performance. Featured in Experimental Music Yearbook 2016.


Interactive Performance / Installation

Performance/installation originally created in conjunction with Anja Weiser Flower’s work “Cosm, Organization-Construction, Second Instance.” Revised October 2018

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Stellar Remnants / Pulsing

Performance Interface + Interactive Sound Sculpture

Collaboration with Ellen Reid, consisting of a piece for solo cello with performance interface (Stellar Remnants) paired with a sound installation (Pulsing). World Premiere performed by esteemed cellist Johannes Moser on February 11, 2017 as part of the Laguna Beach Music Festival.

Small Talk

Motor Array Installation

An iteration of my motor arrays performing Small Talk. Each hanging device endlessly chooses between three states: to sustain, to be silent, or to join the pattern. The end result is a continuously transforming conversation. Meant to be enjoyed during the day and night.

Landscape #4

Custom Electronics for Theater

Designed and built custom circuits to create set pieces that produced and responded to sound on stage.


Lo-fi version of my bell controller

The first iteration of my bell controller

When On The Shore

Large-scale Multimedia Installation and Performance

Immersive installation and performance that also served as my MFA thesis. Features choreography, set design, lighting design, and the very first iteration of my motor arrays.

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Installation for Attic Crawlspace

A focus study on using motor arrays in an installation. The audience is confronted with the initial struggle of entering the attic space, but rewarded with an intimate setting—a hearth—where a gathering can engage in conversation with each other or the object itself.

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Concert Earth

Interactive Performance Object

Collaborative performance work with Naomi Lucille Kagaya that made the rounds at several music festivals in 2010